Why Bees Succeed — Resolve over Resistance

Why do I exist? Like bees, we are made to fill a specific role. If bees die off of this planet, humans are doomed to follow shortly thereafter. We rely on what bees provide so we can live.

But what role would draw life from you? Most people I know are struggling to figure out their greater purpose. I’ve been there, and it’s a tough place to hang. They buzz in circles, not sure which direction to fly.

Many live in their sweet spot, but they simply don’t recognize it for what it is. I think of mothers, prayers, or administrators at work. They function under this false impression, I don’t do anything big or special. I don’t have artistic talent, and I’m sure not Mother Theresa. But who defines big or special?  Some of the greatest influencers I know touch people daily. They fly under the radar, pollen firmly attached to their everyday, ordinary tasks. Without these workers, the hive would dry up.

Then there’s this group. We’re blessed, (though we sometimes wonder if it isn’t a curse), to know that higher thing we’re called to do. For some it’s a ministry, others may work in the medical field, beautiful voices are a gift for many, or like, me, maybe it’s a talent with words. Regardless of how your dreams are packaged, you can count on one thing. A rough lift-off.

Everyone I’ve spoken to, who strives to pursue their passion, battles two sides of themselves. There’s the person compelled to resist, and the person compelled to resolve.

When the time comes to start, every little thing distracts us. Excuses to do anything except what we said we would.

And yet, we’re compelled to never give up. Drawn like a bee to honey, we must pursue this thing. But bees don’t get their honey unless they lift those wings and follow a specific flight plan. It isn’t complicated, but miss one detail, and the hive goes hungry. The hunger inside you needs fed too.

  1. Go there! — Turn off the television, the internet, or put down the book, and go take at least one practical action step. Making myself sit in front of the computer and type for a minimum of five minutes gets me started. A bee who sits on a stem watching the clouds float by doesn’t live long.
  2. Stay there! — Face the mundane and the difficult. Don’t give yourself any excuse to stop until you see results. Bees don’t stop until they’ve met the quota for the day.
  3. Commit there! — I created a rule in my house, for me and my family. When I’m in my Writer’s Cave with the door closed, I can’t be disturbed unless it’s important enough that you would interrupt me in the middle of a meeting 500 miles away. Bees maintain focus, their resolve allows nothing to slow them down.
  4. Work there! — Just because you go there doesn’t mean you’ll work there. Don’t starve your dream. Bees don’t work on anything that doesn’t build up the hive.
  5. Finish there! — Set a reasonable goal for yourself and don’t get up until you finish what you start. Have a daily, weekly, and monthly plan for how much you’ll do. One day’s pollen won’t fill a honeycomb, but keep going out everyday, and watch the sweet stuff grow.

Whether you know the Big Plan for your life or not, there is one. Like bees, without your dedication to the role you were made to fill, we all might die. So figure out where There is for you and go to it. The lift-off might be rough, but keep at it. A sweet reward is worth the effort.

Anita FreshFaith@ Work


Anita Agers-Brooks is a Business Expert, Certified Personality Trainer, Communications Specialist, speaker, and writer. She lives in Missouri.

Contact her via www.freshstartfreshfaith.org or anita.freshfaith@gmail.com


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