Kalahari Chaos

The dark tunnel sucked me into its gaping mouth. Anxiety threatened to cut off my breathing, if the water splashing up my nose didn’t block my oxygen first. Hammers of pulse beats grew to crescendo against my skull. No matter which way I turned, not a pin-prick of light gave me relief from disorientation. 

Then I remembered the instructions, “Lean back and hold on while the water carries you.” Suddenly, with a rush I flew into a canopy of white and skidded across the pool’s surface — the ride was over.

My stay at the Kalahari resort included tubes, massive water slides, and tunnels to play in. Blackouts added to the excitement as I plummeted from ceiling to floor. Squeals and screams filled the air, because anxiety at play equates to fun. Anxiety at work, however, means dread.

In today’s economic climate, most people experience some level of anxiety about work. It’s as if we slide down dark holes in efforts to keep our jobs, or scramble to hold on, while we try to get one. Some seem to thrive, while we suffocate under the pressure to compete. We might harbor secret jealousy or selfish ambition as we try to keep our heads above water.  Not a glimmer of hope pricks the black dread of tomorrow’s forecast. What must we do to survive?

This is a time of great temptation. To struggle against the tide and let panic drive us to thrash in a cesspool of our own selfish decisions. We forget to lean back, and hold onto success secrets anchored in the ancient text of the Bible. Time-proven formulas guaranteed to carry us through the maze of modern-day chaos. It is possible to glide across the surface of fear and dread when you follow the right instructions.

Anita FreshFaith @ Work

James 3:16 – For where jealousy and selfish ambition exist, there is disorder and every evil thing.


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  1. I love your new business blog, Anita! And I look forward to seeing your nonfiction business book in print!!!!


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